Heaven couldn’t wait for you…

These are my girls. Erica, Tiffanie, Miya, Sasha, and Kayla. We have been friends for 16 of our 25 years of life.These are my DIVAS, my dancing partners, secret keepers, tear wipers, my ride or die’s. We shared many nights riding in the drop top mustang shooting imaginary music videos, breaking curfew to sharing career, relationship and even parenting tips. We’ve been through it all.

On December 13, 2013, my 25th birthday. I lost one of my Divas. Erica Yelder mother of 5 year old. Christian Coleman and fiance to Dale Davenport, was born with sickle cell traits, but not sickle cell disease -  Unfortunately, this still made her susceptible to Renal Medulary Carcinoma. A rare aggressive kidney cancer. Erica was diagnosed on 9/10/2012 and fought a long hard battle. 

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Moving to New York, so everything MUST GO!

1.5 yr old Ashley Durablend Sofa and Love seat
NO scratches, tears, sagging
NO Kids or Pets
One single owner
Extremely soft and comfortable. 
Sofa: 90w x 40h x 39d
Loveseat: 67w, 40h, 39d

Coffee table and End table:
A sturdy dark (real wood) lift top convertible coffee table with a bottom shelf for storage 
Very good condition
Standard matching end table

Asking $1040 cash. 

Uptown New Orleans

~ Dating. Uncomplicated.: I don't know why she doesn't trust me...


Day in and day out you hear men complaining about women, and how they don’t trust men, and always accusing them of cheating and the nagging, and the resulting lack of intimacy.


Underneath it all, daddy issues and scorned woman syndrome aside.. the shit is still…